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2007-08-18 19:37:29 by Coriff

Hi you may not know me or even care who I am. Chances are you're looking at this profile to get some kind of news on Jeff's Sonic X: Cosmic Chase. Well great! I worked with him on Chaotic Battle and am proud to be a consultant/beta tester for CC. I can tell you this: It is nearing completion and will be done sometime before the Universal Century when the Colonies invade Earth. Sweet. If you just randomly came here for some other purpose, tell me what the hell you want and maybe I'll answer you. Peace.



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2007-08-20 00:08:18

This is all I can read from that note.

"Due to recent robbery's

African-American's will be

Charged a _al__ Else

for order

Thank you,

Can you fill in the blanks? >_>

(Updated ) Coriff responds:

"Due to recent robberies African-Americans will be charged a extra $1.50 per order
Thank you,


2007-12-23 18:08:40

when will sonic CC be out? i am waiting anxiously for it. is it really almost done? if it isn't and your lying i will kill you.